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Donesafe was built with the user in mind. The team at Donesafe had all experienced the 90’s style compliance software on the marketplace and decided it was time for a change.

The greatest challenge for safety, health, environment, and quality practitioners is encouraging workers to log incidents (no matter how big or small), log hazards, record observations, and follow procedures.

Using the learnings from organizations such as Xero and Deputy, the Donesafe team embarked on delivering a compliance system that users would actually want to use.

Donesafe has worked hard to make the experience more in line with the software of today. Donesafe uses many social media aspects, has moved away from the 100’s of “modules” that old school software companies employ and has distilled all of the compliance jargon into simple and easy to understand steps to get quality information in allowing organizations to stay on top of their compliance obligations.

Get in contact with the team today, we can set you up with to try for free instantly, no hoops to jump through!

We look forward to you joining our community.

Team Donesafe.

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