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To report or not to report, that is the question

Safety incidents happen. As a business owner, manager, or safety professional there will come a time when you have to respond to an incident within your organization. Sometimes these incidents may involve serious injury or may have the potential to result in serious injury, in these instances there may be a need to notify the regulator and to do a number of things to ensure that your workers are safe and that you comply with legislation.

At this point, many business owners, managers, or safety professionals can feel a sense of fear, apprehension, or confusion as to what their responsibilities are and what the ramifications are of getting this wrong.

One example piece of legislation that outlines requirements for notification is the Work Health and Safety Act (WHS Act). The WHS Act requires the regulator to be notified of certain ‘notifiable incidents’. Failure to do so correctly can see organizations and individuals fined in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Thankfully there are resources available to help you identify what you need to do and when. ┬áSafe Work Australia has provided a fact sheet that provides general guidance for persons on the notification of ‘notifiable incidents’ as outlined in the WHS Act. The fact sheet talks about the types of incidents that are notifiable and the way in which to notify and when.

Donesafe can also help, our software assist in identifying when you must notify and what information to provide. Through our partner network, we can also provide you independent advice and support when you need it most.

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