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Award Winners – HRD Employer of Choice 2018

HRD Human Resources Director Employer of Choice 2018 for Remuneration

Award Winners – HRD Employer of Choice 2018

We’re excited to announce that we won an Employer’s Choice award within the Remuneration category. 

Ensuring our team feel valued is one of the biggest drivers of success in the business. Working out remuneration packages for staff can be tricky but this is something we believe we’ve successfully managed. This helps to attract, retain and encourage the right employees. We feel this is key to our attraction and retention strategy which is vital for any startup company, especially Donesafe. Being a small company with a large portfolio of clients the need to retain team members within the company is a huge advantage as the knowledge of the system is far greater. One of the positives is that we are able to drive faster solutions to problems when they arise.

When team members are rewarded with a salary package that they are happy with, the level of productivity and motivation increases. We are a team of 20 workers supporting over 1,000,000+ users on the platform from sole trader businesses to global Enterprise brands. There’s a constant buzz and a good vibe around the office as each team member is passionate about what they do. We strongly encourage a happy, healthy and great work-life balance. 


What’s important for us?

The recognition of talent and to reward team members is paramount in understanding what is expected of an individual. This helps to reinforce our values whilst celebrating achievements. 

Donesafe’s core key values can be defined as; collaboration, innovation, diversity and empowerment. We believe our people live and love these strategies and add value to the business every day. In return, the business rewards individuals through remuneration, recognition and rewards.

Everything we do ties into the culture of Donesafe and solidifies company values within each individual. We believe that a content team will happily go above and beyond to get things done. Culture is at the heart of what we do.


What do recognition and rewards look like at Donesafe? 

Recognition is showcased daily, no task is ever a one (wo)man task, we are a team and togetherness helps us achieve results. It doesn’t matter how big or small the win is – a win is a win, we celebrate.

We hold monthly product showcases to deep dive into the development work that has been completed. This is a great way for the developers to showcase what they’ve done and how it can better our product and clients. Monthly business reviews are fixed in our calendars, this allows everyone to stay on top of whats happening as well as recognising achievements. 

We celebrate all beliefs, cultures and values in our offices. What do we celebrate? New starters, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year and key milestones for team members. This could be purchasing a new home, babies or running a marathon. 


We have a big golden bell, this is for new client account wins from the sales team, recognition and rewards come in the form of high fives, pats on the back and a beer or two.

Want to join the team? 

We are a fast growing team and are always on the lookout for amazing individuals to join our team. If you are seeking new challenges, check out our Careers page and get in touch.

Request a demo

Furthermore, if you want to be apart of a fab and passionate team as a Donesafe platform user, book a demo with the team today. One of our team members would love to guide you through our offerings.