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Case Study: How this business reduced its WHS paperwork to one piece of paper

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Are you bogged down with paperwork while trying to manage your WHS compliance? Well here is the journey of a company that replaced a paper-based system and moved to a software-based solution.

It’s not at all uncommon for business owners or managers to feel that WHS compliance management has become a major part of their week, with a massive and seemingly unnecessary financial and time drain. If you find yourself relating to this weekly grind then there’s a very good chance the reason can be traced back to this: you still manage WHS compliance on paper.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of companies still use paper systems to oversee their WHS compliance management. For some, it is an out-of-control mess. Others will argue that it works perfectly fine and ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ But as Mountford Plumbing Services (our case study subject for today) discovered — technology will solve the unnecessary financial and time burden.

Here’s the alternative to paper management:

A worker notices a cracked window. They pull out their phone, snap a photo, type a note, and click Send. Boom, they get back to work within a minute. Their notification then pops up on the WHS manager or business owner’s phone, who then taps a few buttons, and the job gets forwarded to the appropriate person to resolve it. At every chain along the workflow, records are automatically taken and related without anyone having to spend more than a minute of their day dealing with it.

That’s the alternative to a paper-based system.

A paperless software solution like this was a proverbial oasis in a desert for Mountford Plumbing Services. As a commercial industrial maintenance business, they do a lot of work with local government and industrial businesses. In their own words: “WHS had to be first, with everything else after that.”

As many businesses would agree, WHS compliance management is complicated. It’s no wonder that Mountford Plumbing Services were getting bogged down with just trying to meet basic compliance. “At one stage, all we were doing was paperwork … It was just so cumbersome.”

So rather than continuing down the manual paper-based option, Mountford Plumbing Services did something about it. And the solution is Donesafe, an end-to-end OHS safety software sometimes known as ‘The people’s safety software’.

Since adopting Donesafe software, Mountford Plumbing Services has been able to systemize and automate large amounts of their WHS management process.

“We’ve phased all paper out, bar one A4 piece of paper. It’s so much easier. We don’t have to carry physical manuals, our code of practice or safe work method statements with us anymore. We used to have big plastic crates with all of our materials in them in every van. It’s so much easier to have all of the information at our fingertips.”

Mountford Plumbing Services are now looking towards the future by developing the QA and environment aspects of their business in Donesafe in order to get accredited and gain some profitable government work.

How can you make your business WHS compliance paperless?

There are a whole range of vendors that offer cloud-based health and safety management systems, yet Donesafe is rapidly becoming the solution of choice.

And here’s why: Donesafe was founded by two business owners who were trying to find a solution to the paperwork problem, and simply couldn’t find one that was easy and adaptable to use. Instead, they decided to build their own. Essentially, Donesafe was born from the very problem Mountford Plumbing Services had, and the problem you are likely trying to solve right now.

Donesafe is an end-to-end OHS safety software. It’s cloud-based, jargon-free, and designed to work seamlessly on any device with a browser.

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