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How the Whole Life Challenge Changed the Team

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It’s that time of year again. This time around we have a bigger team, more competition and we are global.

Every year, the Donesafe team takes part in the Whole Life Challenge; a program designed to help you tweak daily behaviors across a number of areas to lead to a happier, healthier lifestyle. This whole team challenge included all Sydney based team members, remote workers, contractors, and partners across 5 countries.

This year we had more hurdles to jump and more temptation. We pushed through plenty of Public Holidays including Easter. No delicious chocolates, hot cross buns, and sweet treats at family gatherings. We had a number of events and day to day life to push the blame towards bad habits, sugar cravings, and takeaways. With two house moves, an office move, birthdays, and anniversaries we were able to schedule sugar fixes whilst dragging everyone else down. Not competitive at all!

The Whole Life Challenge is a 6-week program that uses a point scoring system to help participants improve their wellbeing holistically through seven categories: healthy diet (lose a point per bad food category), stretch, exercise, stay hydrated, sleep, reflect on the day, AND: a lifestyle challenge.

SO! What’s all this for? It’s less about getting in shape and more about wellbeing and health. It’s a great way to cut down on those bad habits. Whether its dropping electronics when you sit down for dinner, not using your phone one hour before bed, reflecting at the end of the day and/or meditation.

The rules are pretty simple: meet goals daily to get the maximum points for the day, add your points to the leaderboard every evening. Each category sits at 5 points per day. By the end of the 6 weeks, yes, there will be a winner BUT hopefully, each participant will leave with some new healthier habits. And that’s what it’s all about: not just a competition, but helping to make a happier, healthier team.

Everybody walked away from the challenge with changes for the better. It’s always fun to get behind a challenge, especially for first place.

First Place – Corey Bruce
Second Place – Ilya Zolotukhin
Third Place – Graham Martin
Lucky Last – Andrey Derevyanko

Donesafe Leaderboard – Top three team members

We get slightly competitive when it comes to challenges. We ran into a few WLC Auditors…’The WLC POLICE’ we like to call them. We had to double-check the recorded information was 100% accurate. The challenge relies on an honesty system meaning we had to rein a few people in at the beginning.
The issue up for investigation, a whole pizza. We had to decide whether this was one point OR several. With the food group breakdown – pizza base – 1, cheese – 1, processed meats – 1-2 and a point or two for beers/sodas. Before you know it you’ve lost a full day’s points on one meal.

One team member stated, “I do not work in the head office but love how I can be apart of the team when it comes to the challenge.”

Another team player mentioned, “My husband decided to join in on the challenge until he found out the wellbeing challenge for the week was no electronics during meal times. The powerful duo football and food had to part ways.

What a challenge… same again next year.

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Easy to use – Easy to use and sign off, clear steps when submitting events, actions are easy to sign off and easy to enter feedback. Easy to collate and enter critical information. – McDonald’s

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