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Action Safety at Safety in Action

Donesafe team at Safety in Action 2019

The Safety in Action show has been the meeting place for those within the Australian health and safety space for the last 18 years.

Thousands of safety professionals across all industries have visited the Safety in Action conference to discover new solutions in the market and to help them achieve their goals in creating safer & healthier workplaces for all.

Safety in Action is an annual event running to deliver new gadgets, software, and knowledge to those in compliance, wellbeing, mental health and all things OH&S. The event is comprised of a large scale exhibition, free seminars, free small-group consultations and three co-located premium conferences exploring safety, wellness and the return to work of injured employees.

For those in the safety space, this is a must. The event enables professionals to network with peers, explore the latest trends and developments whilst sourcing the latest innovative products and services. There is no better place for all your OH&S solutions to keep your employees safe.

Donesafe has been part of the conference for several years, starting and continuing discussions with some of our clients today. We bumped into a number of Donesafe users down at the event; Telstra, Vodafone Hutchison Australia, Productivity Matters, and McDonald’s, just to name a few.

Check out our customer success stories below:

We asked Vodafone, “Why Donesafe?”
Vodafone replied, “Simple for all workers to manage, track, respond and report, from any device –
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McDonald’s Case Study – Employee engagement with safety increases by 500% – Read more.

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Meeting Donesafe Customers at Safety in Action – Productivity Matters
Left-Right: Dave Henry, Louise Glover, and Stephanie Cassidy.

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The two-day event covered off the following topics –

Wellbeing and Mental Health

  • Wellbeing and its impact on culture
  • Asbestos in our built environment
  • Putting the injured worker first to address claims challenges and achieve outcomes
  • Ageing Workforce Ready: the challenge and opportunity
  • Leadership initiatives for RTW: Use of the Official Disability Guidelines and APMiQ
  • Silicosis, the return of an old foes
  • Prevention of MSD – a holistic approach
  • Drugs and alcohol: Creating an effective model for behavior change in the workplace
  • Flexible Working: Optimising the Present and Cultivating the Future
  • Reducing worker stress & disease through nutrition

Major Projects and Innovation

  • Musculoskeletal Disease (MSD) in the Workplace
  • Using software and mobile tools to manage and improve work safety
  • Why investigations fail and how to identify the true organizational issues
  • Are Exoskeletons the musculoskeletal PPE of the future?
  • Workers compensation strategies for turning premiums into profits
  • Psychological Risk Management
  • Safety culture and leadership
  • Using a personal attenuation rating to select hearing protection
  • Compliance or engagement 
  • Using data to manage significant incidents 
  • Preventing injury in the workplace: Putting the H back into OH&S

Safety in Action 2019 highlights

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