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NEW: Donesafe launches apps to help manage COVID-19

Infectious Disease App COVID-19

Last week we noticed some of our clients had configured their Donesafe environments to help track the spread of Coronavirus in their organization (these clients use our ‘drag and drop’ configuration tools that enable the quick and easy creation of forms, workflows, automations, reports, and dashboards). 

We were impressed by how effective they were.  So Donesafe decided to take that knowledge kindly donated by our clients and create an off-the-shelf, easy to use AND ready-to-deploy solution to help manage the Coronavirus pandemic, including an Infectious Disease App and a Work From Home App. 

We realized that with our platform (and its configurability), we’re in a unique position to be able to support as many organizations as possible to handle COVID-19. Donesafe is already designed to create safer and healthier workplaces, we’d just need to build out some tools to specifically manage infectious diseases like Coronavirus.


Donesafe designed, created, tested and launched the apps in 7 days, all while working from home! WOW!

Donesafer’s unite!

We formed a COVID-19 mini-team and have been working round the clock to create a new suite of apps to help manage Coronavirus, all whilst working remotely ourselves.

And after many hours of working closely together (metaphorically), it’s here and ready for you to evaluate.


How did we create this so fast you may ask? Donesafe is a configurable platform – which means no developers were harmed used in the making of this app. This means as a team, we can all chip in and create this quickly.


Based on the learning from current clients using Donesafe to manage Coronavirus.

Who’s it for?

This solution is ideal for medium to large sized organizations that are trying to manage the spread of Coronavirus among their employees. From CEOs, to Safety Managers and HR; if you need to oversee COVID-19, these apps will be of huge benefit to you.

How will this solution help my organization with Coronavirus?

Our solution enables you to track, monitor and mitigate COVID-19 transmission throughout your organization, as well as manage your team working from home. They’re quick to set up, easy to use and give you a suite of tools to manage Coronavirus in your organization.

There are 2 NEW apps available to help you manage the Coronavirus pandemic: Infectious Disease Management and Work From Home.

The Infectious Disease Management App will enable:

  • Workers to register their COVID-19 status, if positive
  • Workers to log any symptoms they are experiencing
  • Workers to notify managers if a colleague has symptoms
  • Alerts and policy updates to be sent to workers
  • Managers to report on the number of COVID-19 cases and their status within their organization
  • Managers to report on who is currently in quarantine or self-isolation

The Work From Home App will enable:

  • Managers to oversee workers’ working from home
  • Workers to self-assess their home office environment, identify hazards and determine ergonomic effectiveness
  • Workers to log home office incidents and hazards
  • Workers to request home office equipment for managers to approve/review

How do the apps work?

Infectious Disease App

This app is free for Donesafe clients

Through an easy-to-use form, workers can report: 

  • Confirmed COVID-19 cases
  • Suspected cases
  • Voluntary isolation; and
  • No symptoms, but exposed to an affected person

Workers can log when they were exposed, whether they’ve received treatment, whether they have been near any coworkers, and their location. They can also report on any specific symptoms they are experiencing.

All of this data pulls into a manager’s real-time dashboard, enabling you to report on all elements of COVID-19 in your organization. 

What’s more, you can assign corrective actions within every record, to ensure correct procedures are followed easily. For example, if a worker has reported a suspected case of COVID-19, you could assign an action for them to self isolate for 14 days.

infectious disease management app

Reporting and Metrics

As workers complete forms within the app, all of the data is available on a manager Dashboard in real-time. This gives you a snapshot of the COVID-19 situation within your organization, that can be both easily actioned and reported on.

What data is displayed in the Infectious Disease Dashboard?

  • Number of new cases
  • Number of current suspected cases
  • Number of currently active confirmed cases
  • Number of recovered cases
  • Workers’ isolation status (voluntary, quarantined, not isolated) 
  • Number of workers hospitalized
  • Cases by location and stage (suspected, confirmed, recovered)
  • All open cases, including cases requiring manager triage

Each set of data on the dashboard is clickable; enabling you to drill in further with reporting and insights, or to easily action items as needed.

Work From Home App

This app is priced as per standard Donesafe apps

Through our work from home form, workers can: 

  • Conduct an ergonomic self-check on their home office
  • Report a work-related incident
  • Report a work hazard at home; and
  • Request home office equipment

Workers can ensure their home office is as safe and ergonomically sound as their office. Again, corrective actions can be assigned from every record (for example, with a new equipment request, you could assign an action for the office manager to purchase said equipment).

Tracking COVID-19 worldwide

We’ve also included a dashboard that tracks COVID-19 cases globally.

How much does each app cost?

Infectious disease app – free for Donesafe clients

We want to do everything we can to help the Donesafe community during these challenging times.

Our Infectious Disease App is proving to be super helpful, and we think (well, we hope) you will be able to utilize it to help support COVID-19 preventive efforts and raise awareness with your workforce.

If you are a Donesafe client, it is free to access.

Work From Home app

This app is not free. It is priced in line with other Donesafe apps – see more here

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