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Product: Let Workflows Streamline Your Organization’s Safety

Donesafe workflows

Ensuring your workforce follows your organization’s safety and compliance processes can be a challenge.

What steps come next, who to notify, what forms need completing; all add a layer of complexity to safety and compliance that nobody needs in their workday. What’s more, it can reduce the likelihood of your workers logging incidents and hazards.

But imagine you could standardize and automate your processes, so everybody always knows what to do next in the workflow (and everyone always follows the right steps).

Introducing Donesafe workflows!

Standardize processes with Donesafe workflows

Configure each of your safety and compliance processes into workflows that match your business, then let Donesafe automate them for you.

Check out our short video (30 seconds) on workflows:

Drag and drop workflow builder

Similar to how you might map out your safety workflows on a whiteboard, you can build out workflows with ease using our drag and drop workflow canvas.

Workflows enable you to move back and forth through the management stages of a register or report. You can have as many or as few stages in the workflow as you’d like based on your organization’s requirements. 

What’s more, workflows allow you to bring in the right people at the right time, at different stages in the workflow. For example, workers can report an incident at the outset of a workflow, then managers can input corrective actions at a later stage. You can also configure key automations to fire within each workflow stage, to ensure Donesafe is configured entirely to your business requirements.

Some examples of workflows across different apps:

  • Incidents: Incident Logged > Supervisor Review > Investigation > Case Closed Out.
  • Hazards: Hazard Reported > Manager Review > Review Complete.
  • Contractor Management: Contractor Completed Record > Pending Review by Site Manager > Approved / Unsuccessful.
  • Audits: Draft > Actions in Progress > Pending Review > Expired > Review Complete.

With workflows, you can save literally hours every week.

To learn more about workflows and how Donesafe can automate your safety, book a demo: