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Sample Worker Induction Checklist Template


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Inducting new workers

As new workers start their positions in a new workplace, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, covering a new induction checklist is a good starting point along with a tour of the organization; physical locations, and coworkers both inside and outside their dedicated team. All this under one roof is called an induction.

Through-out an induction, you must also give your new worker health and safety information:

  • Workplace health and safety policy and safe work procedures
  • When and how to report hazards, incidents, near misses and injuries
  • Where are health and safety representative(s), first aider(s), and fire warden(s) are located?

Use an induction checklist

An induction checklist will ensure you cover all the important information required for each new worker in their first few days or weeks.

Make sure your new worker has the opportunity to ask any questions before signing off the induction checklist. Be aware that some workers may be nervous, keen to impress, or feel overwhelmed with all the new information that they may not ask any questions, allow enough time to process and reach out. Always be sure to communicate that managers, supervisors, health, and safety representatives are available to talk to at any time to make sure they raise any issues or wish to discuss things in more detail.

Keep copies of the completed induction checklists, and give your workers a copy too.

Timing and mentoring

Consider spacing the induction out over a week or two, with follow up discussions to ensure all aspects of the induction and anything in between has been followed up.

You might want to create a buddy-system and connect an experienced worker with the new starter for additional guidance and someone who can cover off any questions after the initial induction.

Note – new workers may require some close supervision from time to time.

Not just for new workers

When to complete an induction outside of new starters:

  • Workers returning after a long absence
  • Workers changing roles or worksites/environment
  • Contractors, visitors, and volunteers.

If you’ve never done inductions before, it’s worthwhile doing one with each of your existing workers, no matter how long they’ve been with you.

What it contains

New workers must be advised of all workplace health and safety risks before they start their position. This document provides employers with a sample checklist to manage occupational health and safety procedures in the workplace. What it contains;

  • How to check if a worker has the right skills, training, and qualifications
  • How to identify if a worker is familiar with health and safety rules, safe work method statements, and specialized equipment
  • How to check what personal protective equipment (PPE) is required
  • Explain incident reporting, security, and emergency procedures and the role of health and safety representatives

While paper-based forms are great for managing your workplace inductions, digitalizing your safety management system can bring a whole heap of benefits.

Donesafe’s powerful safety management system with dedicated inductions, onboarding, and training management is suited for all industry types to easily create a configured health and safety system to match your business requirements, that all employees can use.

Complete safety risk assessments, inductions, onboarding and safe work procedures online anytime, anywhere, from any device. Use the real-time reporting and data gathered over time to continuously improve your workplace safety.

Check out Donesafe’s checklist management and induction management here.

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And as always, keep safe out there.

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