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What else to include within your Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP); Vehicle Inspections


The goal is to make public transportation as safe as physically possible, hence the adoption of the PTASP rule. The shift and focus sit with the evaluation and mitigation of risks around safety for the millions of transport users on each mode of transportation, daily. 

The Research Phase – PTASP

When completing research, look out for the following functionalities and capabilities: 

  • Complies with DOT (Department of Transport) inspection regulations
  • Ensures accurate vehicle inspections
  • Captures inspection results digitally
  • Streamlined inspection process
  • Fits a variety of vehicles and mixed fleets
  • Ensures compliance with sanitization procedures
  • Adheres to the FTA’s safety advisory for cleaning and disinfection

What needs to be considered? 

One of the common questions we’ve been having with Transport/Transit Safety and Project teams over the last few months include;

Does Donesafe have the ability to complete vehicle inspections in the system as part of the safety plan?

And the answer is, YES.

Vehicle inspections are a major part of the safety plan/changes and should be included/conducted as part of the PTASP rule. 

Vehicle inspections are a key component of any agency’s safety plan. 

Each mode of transportation includes differences and no two are alike, but each vehicle needs to be inspected: 

  • To identify safety issues/concerns and/or risks
  • Capture minor defects or hazards early
  • Monitor and manage maintenance and repairs

Each organization will need a Safety Management System (SMS) that includes the capabilities to perform verified inspections, fleet management, vehicle register, and reporting solutions.

Check out our apps that have been created to drive solutions and match the requirements around PTASP.

Work with a team of safety and compliance software experts.

Our dedicated safety and compliance experts within the transport industry understand the commitment to this safety plan known as the PTASP rule and can help implement a vehicle inspection solution that fits your particular public transit fleet. 

More information can be found here on our dedicated MTA safety management system solution page – click here.

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