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How to create open conversations around mental health in the workplace


What is R U OK? day?

R U OK? Day is an Australian national day that promotes open and positive conversations about mental health. While R U OK? Day is a yearly initiative throughout Australia, its goal is to foster positive mental health conversations all year round.

Today, September 10th, 2020 marks national R U OK? Day. How can you provide help and support to those around you to create a mentally healthy workplace? In this article, learn how we’ve created technology solutions for companies, complete and share a free well-being check, explore expert-led partnered content, plus dive into more information and resources.

R U OK? Day is a suicide prevention charity in Australia, reminding people to have meaningful conversations with loved ones, friends, and colleagues and encouraging individuals to check-in with others.

As 2020 continues to throw the odd curve ball here and there, it’s important now more than ever to check in with close ones. As we continue to work from home or live where we work (depending on how you want to spin it); face to face engagements, checking in with others, or noticing warning signs can be difficult during COVID-19. But there are things you can do: organize a catch up online, organize a small team event (breakfast, lunch, social drinks), create a virtual happy hour, virtual lunches and the list goes on. 

Your place of work is one of the best places to check-in and ask, R U OK? With a large portion of your day spent working, the stresses and pressure can have an impact on your mental health, the impact of global events, personal struggles, and general day-to-day life can all add up and become a significant burden that impacts the quality of life. 

R U OK? day has been placed in our calendars nationally to learn and grow on how to respond and act when someone in your life says they are not OK — which can I add, is ok. And again, it is ok to not be ok. 

‘There’s more to say after R U OK?’, is the message for R U OK? Day 2020 and the focus is on building confidence, increasing skills for people, and how to navigate a conversation if someone might be struggling.

You don’t have to be an expert, but knowing what to say when someone says they’re not OK can have a huge impact – showing you care and want to help when someone needs support can help prevent a crisis. That conversation alone could change, or even save someone’s life.

By asking, listening without judgment, encouraging action, and checking in, you can help someone you care about through a tough time.

How is Donesafe getting involved?

  • R U OK? Employee Event
  • #IAsked Awareness Campaign – “The importance of leaders checking in with themselves”
  • Free well-being check – Am I Okay?
  • Technology-driven solutions for a consolidated safety system

Donesafe’s R U OK? champion has organized an outdoor drive-by event on Thursday 10th September for all employees to collect care packages and have a chat with co-workers with sweet treats and coffee. We have cleared schedules for 2.5 hours to allow co-workers to meet and have face-to-face interactions whilst remaining COVID-safe. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our employees have the right information and ability to reach out when/if needed.

We have personalized all care packages to include new company wears to show off on zoom, hand sanitizer, lollies, new stationery, customized lego figurines, and resources to open up the conversation around mental health.

Donesafe Employee Care Packages

#IAsked – The importance of leaders checking in with themselves

#IAsked Campaign with Uprise, a Donesafe certified partner

“As a close and small team, we value checking in with each other every single day. From a safety perspective, checking in on wellbeing regularly and meaningfully is key to ensuring workers can safely conduct their work and lower incident risk.”

Louise Glover – Donesafe

Got 3 mins? Want to complete a free well-being check?

Am I okay? Ask yourself by checking your wellbeing in 3 minutes.

Uprise has provided your business with a de-identified report so that your responses stay confidential. Your confidential response will help your company know what the stressors are at work.

Uprise is a proactive Employee Assistance Program and Donesafe certified partner. Uprise and Donesafe offer an integrated platform to manage all your health, safety, compliance, and wellbeing management for all employees.

What we continue to do throughout the year

Donesafe’s partnership with Uprise has been in place for many years. We are constantly working together to build safe workplaces, which includes well-being checks and mental health. Our combined solution which can be accessed for all workers with one login removes the burden of disconnected systems and enables consolidated reporting.

Does your current safety system allow for employee well-being checks?

We’ve had a great response from last year’s R U OK? campaign and partnership with Uprise. Companies are continuing to reap the benefits of having a consolidated system to house all health and safety management into the one system, including well being and mental health checks and reporting capabilities. Check out how you can include wellbeing checks and mental health programs into your safety management system.

If you want to learn more about the Donesafe and the Uprise partnershipcontact us here.

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