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G2 – a popular comparison website for customer reviews and feedback – awarded Donesafe as the #1 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software* platform.

What does EHS software mean for an organization? 

Environmental health and safety (EHS) software is used to monitor the health and safety of employees and manage work-related incidents that may have put employees at risk. A management system includes the ability to capture, store, and analyze information related to workplace health and safety, wellbeing, waste management, and sustainability. EHS solutions are primarily used by organizations to maintain regulatory compliance by monitoring environmental performance metrics, housing policies and procedures, capturing hazard, incident and event data, tracking inventory of dangerous materials, and performing inspections. Software also helps organizations to comply with industry standards and regulations regarding health and safety. EHS software is widely used across the globe to meet compliance standards regardless of the industry and company size by HR managers, health and safety managers, and by all employees within an organization. 

EHS software can be delivered as a standalone, single-point solution or combined with company-wide legacy systems. In an ideal world, you would integrate all systems into the one place for streamlined data and consolidated reporting, ease and convenience for employees and managers as well as less admin across your organization.

What’s included in a system for EHS? 

An EHS system must include the following requirements in order to create a best-in-market solution for organizations. Here’s the checklist: 

  • Analyze, plan and execute environmental and health and safety activities, risk assessments, audits and inspections, and hazards 
  • Comply with industry-specific regulations for health and safety 
  • Include customizable templates and forms to manage all relevant policies and work instructions 
  • Manage audits and inspections to proactively identify potential issues 
  • Provide training and learning content specific to health and safety 
  • Monitor incidents and provide corrective actions to limit their impact 
  • Manage an audit trail of compliance and safety data 

Is there a product on the market that provides a solution to all?

Welcome, Donesafe! 

Who is Donesafe?  

Donesafe is a cloud-based EHS management solution designed to make every workplace safer with ease. The functionalities within Donesafe allows organizations to manage requirements across environmental, health and safety in the one platform. Our mobile-first technology, available on any device, helps organizations support their entire workforce, wherever they may be.  

Donesafe allows workers to capture information and instantly alert management while initiating notifications and actions to resolve issues quickly. If there is an incident, injury or death, Donesafe manages the workflows involved in dealing with events. This extends beyond the physical incident or injury.  

There are a number of solutions on the marketplace that offer similar functionalities, but what sets Donesafe apart from the competition is that it enables all workers to use the system and capture information; rather than solely admin users within an organization. Encouraging a culture where safety is prioritized and discussed throughout an organization is at Donesafe’s core. 

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*Results as dated 20/01/2021

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