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Donesafe’s Safety Community 2021

Donesafe Community Event

Overview –
– How and why our Community events started
– Donesafe donates $5,000 to Gotcha 4 Life
– Our online safety community global launch

We hope you enjoyed our most recent event and for those who couldn’t make it due to COVID-19, floods or other urgent matters – Check out where and why we started this community!

Donesafe's Safety Community Event 2021
Donesafe’s Safety Community Event 2021

The who, what, where and why!

Donesafe has an open line of communication across the team, clients and partners; we found a sweet spot and need to build an exclusive community for safety professionals. Welcome, Donesafe’s ever-growing – ‘Donesafe’s Safety Community’.

Back in 2017, we hosted our first bespoke community event. With no hidden agenda and the plan to bring all contacts together within the safety space, we made it happen! We were unsure how this style of event would unfold but it was a huge success amongst all attendees with a demand to grow and continue this initiative. This is now a bi-annual event that is hugely sought after by our clients and partners.

Donesafe now holds two Community events each year in 2 major Australian cities: one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne, as of 2021. This is an exclusive event available only to our clients and partners. This event brings the likes of McDonald’s, Deloitte, Vodafone, Marsh, Nokia, NAB, Government clients and many more together. It is a great way to share ideas with other Donesafe project heads, build a personal brand in the community and most importantly, have a good time.

Donesafe donates $5,000 to Gotcha 4 Life

Sarah Rowell, NRMA – Our Community Event Winner!

At the event, clients and partners had the opportunity to win big! What’s the saying, “Go big or go home?”

With 50+ clients and partners in the room, there’s a lot at stake. Each attendee received $10,000 of play money to use on the Blackjack and Roulette tables throughout the evening. The aim was to firstly have fun and secondly accumulate the highest number of chips by the end of the night. The prize was a charity of the winner’s choice and Donesafe would donate $5,000 to the chosen charity.

There’s a little bit of strategy here as players want to continue having fun but also need to win and continue winning until the end of the night.

Our winner, Sarah Rowell from NRMA put on a show-stopping bet for the last roulette spin. “All in!” “No more bets!” Sarah had $10,000 riding on number 5, as the ball rolled around… it landed on 5!!

With a grand total of $360,000, we had a clear winner!! Sarah has chosen Gotcha 4 Life as her chosen charity. Donesafe will be donating $5,000 to help promote mental health and suicide prevention.

Second place is Jarred Sibel from McDonald’s with $98,000 chips at the end of the night. Jarred carried first place for the entire evening but it was snatched from him right at the last second!

“I’m so happy to be working for a company that firstly values customer feedback but also rewards others and gives back to charity, in order to strive for success!”

Louise Glover – Community Manager

We launch our online safety community

Stay tuned for our next announcement, we are launching our online safety Community network. With a number of years under our belt, we are looking to expand our Community network with an announcement that is almost ready!

International travel and for some, interstate travel is a huge issue given the current climate. We are looking to move to an always-on Community approach alongside our on-site events. We are building an exclusive online safety community for our clients, partners and key contacts in the safety space. Ohhhh, the world wide web!!

With partners and customers across the globe and our ever-growing presence in APAC, United States, Canada, and Europe, we are ready to grow our small community into an online portal to network, build a personal brand, share ideas, support and connect socially.

Stay tuned, but also stay safe!

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