Stop safety mistakes

Avoid these 5 common workplace safety mistakes

What makes a health and safety system truly successful? Good question. Knowing the rules and following them is one piece of the puzzle: think recordkeeping, incident tracking, regulatory compliance. Just as important, though, is avoiding major safety mistakes. Although this sounds obvious, some of the biggest workplace safety mistakes can be difficult to recognize and […]

OSHA 300 Recordkeeping

Recordkeeping Done Right: Filing the OSHA 300 Forms

Everyone knows that proper recordkeeping is one of the keys to a successful EHS strategy. But with countless regulations to track and different forms to fill out, how do you make sure you’re staying on top of the requirements? Today, we discuss one of the most well-known incident reporting documents: the OSHA Forms 300, 300A, […]

Marijuana in the workplace

Marijuana in the Workplace: Employee Health and Safety

Attitudes towards marijuana have been shifting rapidly over the last two decades and legislative moves to decriminalize, and even legalize, show no signs of slowing down. For the first time, legislation and policy are beginning to align with social and cultural attitudes towards marijuana. This is due in large part to the emerging body of […]

Protect workers OSHA

How does OSHA protect workers against workplace violence?

Workplace violence and harassment can be detrimental to a company’s culture and bottom line. People do not just suddenly snap; there is usually an emotional build-up or a trigger that precipitates the outburst or violent incident. Who’s at most risk? How can we prevent this within the workplace? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) […]

Donesafe team at Safety in Action 2019

Action Safety at Safety in Action

The Safety in Action show has been the meeting place for those within the Australian health and safety space for the last 18 years. Thousands of safety professionals across all industries have visited the Safety in Action conference to discover new solutions in the market and to help them achieve their goals in creating safer […]

SIA Safety in Action Melbourne

Donesafe attends Safety in Action

Donesafe’s safety management software is a modern, clean and simple platform covering hazards, incidents, audits, contractor management, safety alerts, plus more, that will help you tackle any of your business requirements related to safety management. No more complicated and clunky systems!  Donesafe supports Safety in Action and exhibits every year meeting Health and Safety leaders […]

mental fatigue

Is fatigue a mental health hazard in your workplace?

In August, the Sleep Health Foundation runs Sleep Awareness Week to promote better understanding on the effects of sleep quality on our lives. This year, workplaces are focusing more than ever on the importance of identifying and managing fatigue in the workplace. Fatigue reduces the ability to work safely and effectively. It affects workers across […]

Top ten technologies influencing the health and safety industry

Top ten technologies influencing the health and safety industry

What technology can be used to improve workplace health and safety? Technology can sometimes be a scary thing, but for those that embrace it the possibilities are endless. Imagine an accountant still working on excel. They would no longer be relevant in a fast-moving industry, and workplace health and safety is no different. This presentation, delivered by Matthew Browne, highlights the top 10 tech trends in the safety industry.

the top painpoints of a safety professional

Top Painpoints of Safety Professionals Pt2

Top Safety painpoints reported by Donesafe clients On a weekly basis, we speak to a HEAP of safety, quality and environment professionals all looking to solve various pinpoints in their organization. While there is also a HEAP of painpoints that come with these professionals, we can’t reveal them all – mainly because you simply don’t […]

The Top 9 Global EHS trends to expect in 2019

In the world of EHS management, 2019 is expected to continue many of the trends from the past few years—especially when it comes to the use of technology in safety and data management. The increased adoption of technology has many strengths, with the caveat that tech also needs to be implemented wisely to avoid pitfalls […]