The World’s Worst Safety Fails

Here at Donesafe we take our jobs seriously, so we spend a lot of time talking about making your health and safety strategy hassle-free. But with the end of the year approaching, we thought we would show our humorous side as well.         And lastly, this article about the protests over the […]

Health and safety: Office edition

When we say health and safety, we usually think about construction sites, toxic chemicals, or maybe even top-security protocols. But what about the office? The occupational hazards of working in an office sometimes aren’t blatantly obvious, and that’s because they tend to build up over time without any immediately alarming effects. But that doesn’t make them any […]

Not all safety hazards are created equal…

Work-related safety concerns come in two forms: physical and emotional. A comprehensive safety plan requires attention to both aspects of health and a framework for preventing and addressing grievances. Physical and environmental risks Pollutants and dangerous chemicals are a major occupational hazard that can have dire consequences if left unaddressed. Working in a potentially toxic environment carries risks of […]

Workplace Safety for the Digital Age

We live in a world of increasing information vulnerability: data breaches, unsecured networks, and a massive repository of sensitive data stored digitally. There is no way around it, and even if we wanted to, we can’t go back in time. If you’re in the business of workplace safety, neglecting the security of your digital networks is a […]

Make Mental Health a Priority

This past Saturday, October 10, marked World Mental Health Day. What better time to remind ourselves how much mental health matters in a health and safety context? There are various steps you can take to make your workplace an example of both good safety and good health practices. Mental health is an undeniable part of a […]

October is Safe Work Month

October is Safe Work Month, and Safe Work Australia is organising various programming initiatives to promote workplace health and safety. This year’s theme of “Be safe. Be healthy. Because…” is intentionally open-ended and meant to provoke responses that describe the spectrum of reasons to be safe at work. Follow this link for detailed and up-to-date information on programming available […]

Safety in Action Brisbane Wrap Up

Donesafe Exhibited at the Safety in Action Expo in Brisbane last week for our Queensland Launch. The Expo was attended by well over 1000 safety decision makers across multiple industries and provided us with a fantastic opportunity to present “the people’s safety software”. We had a heap of interest from both new prospective partners and […]

March, Donesafe

March was our busiest month yet, with multiple cross country trips, preparation for the Safety In Action exhibition and a number of new partners and customers signing on. The feedback on the product we have been getting has been exceptional and has allowed us to prioritise a heap of awesome new functionality. Functionality Update: This […]

Free Health Check and Donesafe Free Trial

How confident are you that your organisation has its safety compliance under control. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take a look for you with out any strings attached? For the next few weeks, Donesafe are offering blog readers a free safety health check! Donesafe will provide a free consultation to review the current […]

Safety Management and Labour Hire

The Queensland Government and WorkCover Queensland have released a Labour Hire micro-site providing advice and services to organisations involved in or utilising Labour Hire companies. In support of this initiative, Donesafe offers the following practical information. Labour hire workers are those directly employed by a company which on-hires them to perform work for a different […]