How Donesafe Helped SAYFA


Sayfa is an Australian owned company that engineers and tests proprietary protection equipment for building and maintenance safety to help companies ensure they remain in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

"Donesafe has helped our managers easily keep on top of safety using their mobile devices and it’s so easy to use we have seen a 3 fold increase in reported events.”

- Cathy Vos - Head of Operations

Executive Summary

Sayfa adopted Donesafe to manage their EHS requirements. Moving from a paper-based system provided Sayfa with immediate gains by centralising all information and providing company-wide insights.


Sayfa was moving away from paper-based and multiple spreadsheet systems to manage their EHS requirements. They were growing quickly and knew they needed to move to a cloud-based system to gain more control.

How Donesafe Helped

Sayfa had a pretty good handle on how they wanted to manage their requirements and wanted a system they could tailor to their requirements. Moving from paper there was a big focus on centralising information to improve reporting. Sayfa was incredibly impressed with their broad range of features Donesafe had on offer enabling Sayfa to bring countless paper-based forms and spreadsheets into the one easy-to-use platform.


By removing paper, Sayfa was able to achieve a lower cost of operation, whilst also improving the visibility of their safety performance. The in-built analytics allowed them to identify ways to reduce their safety incidents and reduce their workers’ compensation premiums. The Donesafe platform allowed Sayfa to save money, save time, and provide a safer workplace.

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