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Case Studies

Donesafe works with organizations of all types and sizes, from sole traders to fortune 500. Get to know some of our clients and the difference Donesafe has made in their organizations.
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“We have raised the profile of safety in the organization. Now, safety is spoken about all the time whereas before we were pushing the agenda”

> Increased safety participation by 500%

> 95% acceptance from users company wide

> Manual processes replaced with automation

Black & Veatch

“We shifted to follow a Think, Plan, Act initiative to achieve zero injuries

> Donesafe is used to manage safety, training and emergency across the whole organization

> Consolidated to a single platform

Mountford Plumbing Company

“It’s so much easier to have all of the information at our fingertips.”

> Phased out 100's of paper forms in the 1 platform

> Automated over 10 hours of weekly cumbersome tasks


“Since implementing Donesafe, Audi has seen a significant decrease in time and paperwork 
whilst achieving superior results in health
 and safety management.”

> Transformed paper system into the cloud

> Automations replacing over 50% of manual work

> Quality & Safety consolidated onto 1 platform

Clients using Donesafe Audi
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Aus Flight Handling

“Rapid growth placed pressure on the previous safety system”

> 95% of company staff positively received Donesafe

> Consolidating data and reporting reduced from 14 hours to 45 minutes

> Staff using Donesafe compared to the previous system – 90% increase

Twin Towns Hotels

“The software is incredible, and can be configured to make implementation seamless and incredibly intuitive”

> 45% increase in user participation and reporting

> 100% user acceptance socre during implementation

> All records are completed with 100% accuracy. Attributed to Donesafe ease of use

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Sayfa Group

“Donesafe has helped our managers easily keep on top of safety using their mobile devices. It’s so easy to use we have seen a 3 fold increase in reported events.”

> Within 12 months, Sayfa lowered the cost of operation and insurance premiums

> Worker participation in recording events increased by 300%. Attributed to 'ease of use'

> Centralized all safety data and process to one platform


“We saw a 30% reduction in safety incidents within six months. I couldn’t imagine 
doing our jobs without Donesafe”

> 30% reduction in safety incidents within six months

> 20 hours a week was saved on paper work and collection of data

> Multi-language support meant every worker could confidently participate


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