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Risk Management

Seamless, integrated risk management. By setting up customised risk controls and techniques you can use Donesafe to reduce your operational costs and minimise financial risk.

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Compliance Management

Oversee your workplace compliance with Donesafe's action generation and tracking. Report on and analyse your compliance on anything from training, OHS, quality, environmental management to regulations.

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Audit Management

Run your Audits simply and efficiently. With completely customisable checklists and processes you can plan, schedule and execute audits with relative ease on-site or off-site.

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Manage from any device

Receive automatic notifications when tasks aren't completed on time. Bring your whole workforce in to manage hazard identification and set up templates for risk assessment and control measures.
No Paper or clunky Forms
Speed up all of your processes and do away with paper forever. The Donesafe platform digitises all of your titles and licences to allow for quick, easy management.
Comply with legislation
Use the Donesafe compliance tracker to ensure that you know what your legislative obligations are and how well you comply with those standards.
Plan and Manage Audits
Using Donesafe you can check your conformity to obligations and track close-out of corrective action. Using customisable reports, overlay audit results and track relationships to give you powerful oversight of your business.

Paperless, end-to-end Compliance management.

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Evidence Based Auditing

Gain the ability to carry out audits and inspections and relate them to items under audit. This can be done from any device, on-site or off-site.

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Easy to Learn Easy to master

Easy for your worker end-users to input data and easy for you to perform complex tasks as a safety professional.

All apps powered by the Donesafe platform

The Donesafe platform allows you to imagine, create and continuously improve your solution to quality management. Choose to embark on this journey by yourself or with the help of Donesafe experts

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Donesafe boasts the leading range of core functionality which all Donesafe apps and solutions are built upon. Whether you invest in our entire suite, or just a single app, you will benefit from the features listed below

  Mobile App
Access Donesafe on any device with our native mobile app. Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices, the Donesafe app can even work when offline
Create any number of dashboards that are uniquely tailored to each job role, site or individual in Donesafe. This creates an environment that is far more approachable, without any unnecessary noise and complexity. End users can have a simple dashboard, while managers can have multiple reports, alerts and actions that relate only to them.
  27001 Security
Donesafe is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and is trusted by defence and government organizations. ISO 27001 compliance is a part of our overall focus on security.
  API Access
Seamlessly communicate with third party systems and applications to send and receive data from one database to the other. Sync in real time or set time intervals of your own choosing.
Electronic signatures that work using a mouse or your finger tips (touch screen only).
  Offline Capable
No internet, no problem. Offline capabilities allow remote or unconnected users to capture data and sync when they regain connectivity.
   Custom Branding
Make Donesafe look like your own. Change colours, upload your logo, use your own labels, titles and terminology.
   Data Migration
Often a pricey and time consuming hurdle, data migration is made easy using our DIY import tool. Rather than paying expensive developers, Donesafe's data migration can be performed by your account manager or yourself. Map data from Excel spreadsheets directly to the fields within the Donesafe system and import.
  KPI Monitoring
Create accountability to strategic goals by measuring and monitoring key performance indicators.
  Language Translator
Tailor Donesafe to support multiple geographic locations. Configure the primary language of each location or division across your organization
  Live Support
Donesafe boasts a powerful knowledge base. If you can't find an answer here, our in-app chat support will connect you with a Donesafe support team member. Enterprise clients also receive an account manager.
Remove the time heavy administrative burdens and spend more time doing high level tasks. Achieve more with less resources
  Single Sign On
Ensure a seamless experience with single sign-on capabilities. Users require a single set of credentials in order to access all areas of Donesafe.
  Smart Forms
Add logic to make your forms smart. Forms can make decisions for users, input data automatically, show and hide fields and drag and drop files. Removing hurdles and making data input fast and easy encourages system-wide participation.
   Custom Reports
Donesafe's report builder is market leading. Create and save a report that interrogates any data field within the platform. This includes drilling right into sites, worker roles, date ranges, workflow progress, status and more. Saved reports automatically become a widget that can be placed on your dashboard.
Future proof your compliance systems. Donesafe's powerful 'drag and drop' workflow and form configuration workbench enables you to make changes in minutes yourself. Gone are the days of paying high-cost developers for small changes.
  Data Exporter
Export all reports and compliance data with a click of the button. Perfect for presentations or reporting legislative requirements, such as OHSA 300 (USA).
  User Roles
A highly important feature that allows you to set unique attributes to anyone tagged with a user role.
Donesafe works on every device and every OS (Windows Explorer 11 or newer). You would be surprised, we are one of the only compliance platforms that do.
Actions can be automatically created and sent to workers based on specific conditions. Donesafe will even follow up on actions if they are not marked as complete. Includes corrective actions.
Donesafe is more than just a place to consolidate your data and run reports. Donesafe uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to read data, alert you to potential issues, and change day-to-day worker behavior.
Create a system that automatically keeps workers accountable for recurring tasks.

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