Health & Hygiene Software

Health & Hygiene Software

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OHS Software with powerful
Health & Hygiene solutions.

Take unrivalled control of your Health and Hygiene management with an end-to-end software solution.

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Health Management

Carry out health assessments and diagnostics. Build checklists and workflows and automate your health processes. Most importantly, get your workers involved with software to allow them to input data on-site from their phones.

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Hygiene Management

Carry out noise, dust and other hygiene inspections. Set up routines and inspections with real time data being sent to those who in a position to action it. With Donesafe, you'll also receive alerts for urgent hygiene issues.

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Full Management Suite

Manage your Injury and Compensation in the same place as all your OHS compliance. You can have as much or as little functionality as you need.

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Manage from any device

Paperless and Hassle Free
Speed up all of your processes and do away with paper forever. The Donesafe platform digitises all of your forms, data entry and reporting to allow for quick, easy management.
Completely Mobile
Donesafe runs on any device allowing inspections to be reported on instantly and on-site. Even better, potential hazards can be reported on by workers on from any smartphone giving you better visibility than any other platform.
Using the calendar and alerts you can set up Donesafe to alert you when assessments and inspections are required. This includes employee health, plant and equipment and any other legislative obligations. Never fall behind.
Instrument Management
Manage all of your plant and equipment inspections including testing and tagging, calibration and maintenance.

Paperless, end-to-end Health management.

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From Inspections to calibrations to health risks, with Donesafe you'll receive email alerts to help you stay on top of tasks. Even better, you can assign different alerts to different people to make sure the right people are on the job.

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Every worker in your business can become a health reporter. From their mobiles any worker can log a hazard and whomever needs to, will be automatically informed. This gives you real-time, on-the-spot information.


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