Add Donesafe to your consulting toolbelt

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If you deal with clients that can benefit from a health & safety management system then we'd like to talk to you about adding Donesafe to your toolbelt.
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Grow Your Business

As a Donesafe provider, you'll share in subscription revenues from your referred client. Revenue can be up to 30% of all sales for each referred client for the life of the subscription.

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Be a Donesafe expert

Donesafe is designed to be easy for use. It can take as little as an hour to set up a new client, and as little as 10 minutes to bring them up to speed. We'll provide you with comprehensive product training & pitch guidance.

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Become an industry leader, with insights

Donesafe providers can access a wealth of industry data and customer insights from your own customer base & across the whole Donesafe community.

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Access dedicated support

Videos, FAQs, & knowledge articles are all located within the Donesafe product, but if you 're stuck on something, we're here for you 24 hours a day.