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A compliance system perfect for a growing business that just needs the basics and wants to get up and running right away.

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Fast and simple software
Donesafe's starter option for growing businesses is a fast and simple out of the box safety management solution. Perfect for winning tenders or improving your safety management within the business.
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Like a safety expert in your pocket
Donesafe has been designed by leading safety experts. For a fraction of the price, you will be benefiting from (scaled down) expert systems that are used by industry leaders, like McDonald's, Audi, and more.
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Ongoing support
Donesafe has a network of trusted partners that will help you navigate tricky safety legislation requirements. They will make sure you extract the maximum value from your Donesafe subscription.
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Automate and save time
Donesafe knows you are time poor and will alert you only when attention is required. For everything else, Donesafe automates repetitive tasks in the background, like scheduled audits, training, and follow-ups.

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Simple solutions priced by
what you need and nothing else.

Donesafes starter package is perfect for a growing business that just need the basics and want to get up and running right away.  Adopt a solution tailored to win tenders, earn certification, improve your compliance systems and more. See below for the top 4 out of the box solutions selected by your peers.

Out of the box solutions by Donesafe

Simple to get started
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For small to medium business leaders, compliance can be a necessary hassle - your days and evenings are already busy keeping your business moving forward and growing. Donesafe's solution will enable you to achieve your safety, quality and environmental goals quickly and easily.

Donesafe uses certified partners who will work with you from the moment you request a demonstration. Let our partners create a fully customized solution for your business to ensure you get everything you need and nothing you don't.

INTERESTED? Instantly access demos, case studies, resources and more!

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