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Checklists Management app

Product: Conduct inspections with ease using our Checklist Management app

Workplace inspections are an integral part of a safe and compliant workplace. Whether your team need to do Start Work Checklists, Fire Safety Checklists, COVID-safe Checklists or more, they need an easy-to-use checklist solution that can be completed on-the-go with ease.  The great news is, Donesafe’s Checklist Management app enables your workers to do just that, and from any device or browser. Forget the old paper-based forms […]

Product: Hazards made easy with our Hazard Management app

Being able to identify and mitigate hazards before they become incidents is instrumental to a workplace that is safe for its employees. Yet many safety teams are still grappling with how to effectively manage hazards beyond using paper-based forms or clunky, multi-point systems. Not only are these types of approaches a huge time drain for safety managers, getting your team to proactively log hazards via complicated forms is a challenge in itself.  […]

Automate hazard management in the CBD industry

Let us unravel the complexities present within certain industries and highlight our approach to assisting employers within the Cannabidiol (CBD) industry when it comes to safety and compliance software. It goes without saying, every industry – whether it be manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, or CBD – will encounter hazards, incidents and health and safety compliance requirements. The priority for all employers is to keep employees and workplaces safe for all industries. It is time to build an occupational health and safety program for your business with a dedicated […]