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Top 10 Work From Home Fails | Much Needed Comic Relief

Grab some snacks! šŸæ As we push into April, it’s known that Donesafe likes to pull the odd prank or two for April Fool’s Day. Except this year, we’ve decided to switch things up and spread positivity instead. What’s better than witnessing the top 10 work from home fails to date – embarrassing folk across […]

OSHAs 10 of the worst workplace fails

Don’t try this at work: This week’s 10 best (worst?) fails from the OSHA subreddit.

This week I made an amazing discovery: The OSHA Subreddit. It might have been a place where people could come to discuss the ins and outs of workplace health and safety legislation. IĀ couldĀ have been a place for people to come to ask questions seek advice. It shouldĀ have been many things. What it was, was something […]