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March, Donesafe

March was our busiest month yet, with multiple cross country trips, preparation for the Safety In Action exhibition and a number of new partners and customers signing on. The feedback on the product we have been getting has been exceptional and has allowed us to prioritise a heap of awesome new functionality.

Functionality Update:

This month saw delivery of:

  • Visitor Register:┬áStay on top of visitors (including contractors, visitors and emergency services personnel) with our new Visitor Register. This functionality is ideal for utilising a tablet at your point of sign in (such as a reception desk). Visitors can also gain temporary access to certain functions within Donesafe, such as identifying hazards or reviewing procedures for the location they are visiting.
  • We have also released a number of minor changes including incident severity, home locations and additional configuration settings which will assist both partners and customers.

In April we plan to deliver even more content with the release of record detail printing and our new partner dashboard, we will also continue work on our Workers Compensation and Claims Management functionality.

In the News:

A slightly quieter news month than February, some of the highlights in March include:

The community of Whyalla in South Australia launched a new campaign to take safety at home and at work into their own hands. The “Swear by Safety” campaign has received national media attention including a brief appearance on Sunrise.

A company facing multiple alleged safety breaches has tried to pass the blame for these breaches onto an electrocuted worker.

New laws may almost entirely ban electricians from conducting work on live equipment.

An unlikely superhero has emerged in the Sydney suburb of Ashfield, Damon Smith has assumed the role of safety warrior the “Trafficator”. The local stay at home dad has been labelled part Kindergarten Cop, part Safety Hero.

Donesafe is now also offering a 30 day free trial and a free safety health check, get in contact today to take advantage of this great offer!

As always, stay safe,

Team Donesafe.