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Donesafe team at Safety in Action 2019

Action Safety at Safety in Action

The Safety in Action show has been the meeting place for those within the Australian health and safety space for the last 18 years. Thousands of safety professionals across all industries have visited the Safety in Action conference to discover new solutions in the market and to help them achieve their goals in creating safer […]

Mental Health RUOK

How to make asking R U OK? a part of your workflow

R U OK Day is a key mental health event in Australia hosted on September 12. It encourages individuals to check-in with colleagues and loved ones that might be struggling with their mental health. The workplace is one of the best places to check-in and asks R U OK with those around you. Many people […]

SIA Safety in Action Melbourne

Donesafe attends Safety in Action

Donesafe’s safety management software is a modern, clean and simple platform covering hazards, incidents, audits, contractor management, safety alerts, plus more, that will help you tackle any of your business requirements related to safety management. No more complicated and clunky systems!  Donesafe supports Safety in Action and exhibits every year meeting Health and Safety leaders […]

Bridgestone Client Update

NEW Business Update: Bridgestone Mining Solutions partners with leading safety system

“We’ve seen it all when it comes to safety management solutions” Bridgestone’s HSEQ Specialist Donesafe’s award winning cloud based solution is one of the fastest growing end to end tech companies in the health and safety space and is considered a leading player in its industry. Bridgestone Mining Solutions Australia (BMSA) joins the growing client […]

AFH safety management system

Case Study: How a safety team worked smarter and flourished despite rapid company growth

Quick links Rapid growth placed pressure on the previous safety system – Go 95% of company staff positively received Donesafe – Go Consolidating data and reporting reduced from 14 hours to 45 minutes – Go Staff using Donesafe compared to the previous system – 90% increase – Go Aus Flight Handling’s safety takes-off The Donesafe […]

ESG Environmental Social Goverance

‘Transparent Sustainability’ makes good business sense

The Future is Clear Organisations across the globe are embracing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability into their strategic planning and operations, as the economic benefits of the ‘green economy’ become even more apparent. In this article, we take a closer look at ESG sustainability and see how transparency is the key to boosting a […]

Vodafone Launches donesafe

NEW Business Update: Vodafone calls on Donesafe

Welcome, Vodafone.  The future is exciting. And yes, we are ready! Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) needs little to no introduction, as part of one of the most globally recognisable telco and technology brands.  Tapping into Donesafe’s expertise in safety management solutions Donesafe and VHA collaborated to create VodaSafe powered by Donesafe – a new incident […]

mental fatigue

Is fatigue a mental health hazard in your workplace?

In August, the Sleep Health Foundation runs Sleep Awareness Week to promote better understanding on the effects of sleep quality on our lives. This year, workplaces are focusing more than ever on the importance of identifying and managing fatigue in the workplace. Fatigue reduces the ability to work safely and effectively. It affects workers across […]

integrated safety software solution

4 reasons to choose an Integrated Solution over multiple Point Solutions

Summary Donesafe is an integrated solution, which brings with it a long list of benefits that will help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively while also contributing to a more compelling business case to all stakeholders; Connected systems that can be automated, systemized and run in real-time The simplicity of use for end […]

office worker quality management

Your Guide to Quality Management Software

What is a Quality Management System (QMS)? When you look at leading brands today, there is a direct relationship between their success and a commitment to Quality Management. Many brands leverage the perception of quality to gain a competitive advantage, such as German carmakers right down to the low cost locally ‘hand made’ products sold […]