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Donesafe Wins a 2021 Top Performer Award in two categories EHS Management and Safety Management From SourceForge

Donesafe is honoured to be recognized as a Top Performer by SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and comparison website. April 28th – Donesafe, #1 all-in-one HSEQ platform to solve ALL your safety requirements, today announced that it has been awarded a Spring Top Performer Award by SourceForge, the world’s largest software review and comparison […]

Checklists Management app

Product: Conduct inspections with ease using our Checklist Management app

Workplace inspections are an integral part of a safe and compliant workplace. Whether your team need to do Start Work Checklists, Fire Safety Checklists, COVID-safe Checklists or more, they need an easy-to-use checklist solution that can be completed on-the-go with ease.  The great news is, Donesafe’s Checklist Management app enables your workers to do just that, and from any device or browser. Forget the old paper-based forms […]

Donesafe Community Event

Donesafe’s Safety Community 2021

Overview – – How and why our Community events started– Donesafe donates $5,000 to Gotcha 4 Life– Our online safety community global launch We hope you enjoyed our most recent event and for those who couldn’t make it due to COVID-19, floods or other urgent matters – Check out where and why we started this […]

Product: Hazards made easy with our Hazard Management app

Being able to identify and mitigate hazards before they become incidents is instrumental to a workplace that is safe for its employees. Yet many safety teams are still grappling with how to effectively manage hazards beyond using paper-based forms or clunky, multi-point systems. Not only are these types of approaches a huge time drain for safety managers, getting your team to proactively log hazards via complicated forms is a challenge in itself.  […]


Part Two – Top 10 Work From Home Fails

It’s time for part 2! Let’s hope you have some snacks left! 🍿 Many of us have been working from home now for over 12 months and it has become the new norm. Last year in April, we released our first working from home (WFH) fails article to add some light humour to our day. […]

Product: Streamline audits end-to-end with our Audit Management app

Safety and compliance auditors – whether they’re internal team members or external providers – need to be able to quickly and easily conduct an audit while on-site. Yet many are still lumped with managing the audit process through paper-based forms or clunky, multi-point systems. This creates an unnecessary layer of paperwork and a loss of […]

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5 steps for building an effective Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) System

Behavior-based safety (BBS) is the process of conducting routine safety observations to give management and employees a picture of overall organizational safety. BBS is successful because it encourages and cultivates safety-promoting behavior among individual employees. Since it promotes individual and peer accountability, tracking behavior-based safety is an integral part of creating a culture of safety.  […]

Roundtable discussion | Software technology safety Donesafe

Roundtable Recap: The common pain points of a safety professional and technology-driven solutions

The Donesafe journey – Matthew Browne, CEO & Co-Founder “The plan was to build a tech-solution with the dream to support professionals globally!”  Matthew Browne, CEO & Co-Founder The origin of the company began with the need to find a solution to the problems Browne faced as a safety professional, plus the responses in pursuit […]

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Top 10 best (worst?) fails from the r/OSHA subreddit

Don’t try this at work, at home or anywhere! A few years ago we made an amazing discovery: The OSHA Subreddit. And believe me when I say this… it does not disappoint. It might have been a place where people came to discuss the ins and outs of workplace health and safety compliance and legislation. It could have been […]

Product: Manage incidents with ease using our Incidents app

Reporting incidents in the workplace is a baseline requirement for Safety Managers. And while it’s standard safety practice, it can be a challenge for most safety teams to be able to log incidents quickly and easily. A lot of the time (and you’re not on your own here), an organization’s incident reporting processes are manual and paper based. Not only does this […]