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Tech + Data = A Safer Workplace

Here’s a bit of tech news to be extremely hopeful for. An Israeli branch of IBM is developing a type of wearable device that can warn workers about imminent hazards around them. Called WorkRight, the product serves as a “real-time warning system” which is fully integrated into the environment and equipment around it.

After reading over the specs, it’s fair to wonder: “Is there anything this app doesn’t do?” Not only can it warn about environmental hazards like a wet floor, but it is also supposed to ensure compliance of safety standards and monitor an employee’s physical health, including heart rate and hydration levels.

Tech has a huge potential role to play when it comes to making workplaces safer. As a tech startup ourselves, we love to hear about how these problem-solving initiatives are transforming our approach to health and safety. Heard about any great tech innovations that are doing the same? Drop us a line on Twitter at @donesafe!

As always, stay safe,

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