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This week’s most hilarious Pokemon GO injuries from social media

Let us be frank. As bad as injuries can be, some can be just plain funny. While there’s been plenty of news about dead bodies and muggings (which are not funny), maybe it’s time to embrace the slapstick and have a laugh at the expense of others. So here it is; funny injuries from Pokemon GO’s first week.

Where’d the ground go?

Reddit User, Amalthea, tells the terrible tale of a late night hunting trip where the ground vanished beneath their feet somehow.

Pokemon Go put me in the ER last night from pokemongo

Six to eight weeks recovery? Psh totally worth it.
(As long as it wasn’t for a Magikarp)

Nothing like a good face plant.

I swear it’s like everybody has reverted to toddlers again.

“I probably would have fallen off my skateboard even if I WASN’T trying to catch a Staryyu”

Poor old flow_mike had a colossal fall whilst skating… in the dark… and looking at his phone. No, I’m sure Pokemon GO had nothing to do with that.

My first (of many) pokemon go related injury from pokemongo

Don’t look up. Never look up.

It was surprisingly hard to find a report of walking into a tree. But it happened. Of course it happened.

Yes! A road sign injury!

I wish it had been filmed in slow motion.

Didn’t even make it out the door.

This poor user had barely left her house before she abandoned ship and retreated to the safety of a PokemonGo free existence.

(I guarantee you she’s playing it again already though)

One more piece of advice to stay safe from Twitter:

His words, not mine.

As always, play safe out there. And for the love of god look up once in a while or you’ll find yourself on a list like this.

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