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Five ways to stay safe at work this US election day.

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So the US election is about to start swallowing our focus for the next day or two. I think that’s something we can all agree on. Add to that, that we all carry around little internet connected devices and it’s a recipe for disaster. Disaster I tells you! What with all the tripping and slipping hazards that we’re otherwise not looking out for, you’re going to need some help staying safe.

Here’s five ways to watch the election results on your phone without falling down stairs.

1. Take extended bathroom breaks.

When you walk around with your head in your phone, you risk injuries that would make even Wile E. Coyote stare on in horror. Why not instead just choof-off to the bathroom and take a little longer than usual. People are way too polite to ask why you took so long and you can definitely hit all of the sites in the time allotted.

2. Convince everyone that it’s ok to play with your phone at work today.

Ok, so long bathroom breaks aren’t your thing, but maybe if you’re sly like, I dunno; Wile E. Coyote; then you could convince everyone that checking up on election results instead of working is totally ok today. Hey, you could say that technically it’s unsafe not to let you do it because otherwise you’d walk around looking at your phone and risk injury.

Or something like that.

3. Get super good at alt-tabbing (Desk jobs only)

Okok, so watching the election results instead of working is just not-on. What about instead, you master the art of alt-tabbing through windows so if someone walks past you can quickly hide it. It’s really easy. On PC it’s Alt+Tab and on Mac it’s Command+Tab. If you use a magic mouse or touchpad you can even scroll between screens.


4. Hire someone to lead you around while you look at your phone.

Just hear me out. Hire someone to walk around you to look out for danger. This means that you can walk around to your heart’s content without ever having to lift your eyes from your phone. Just think of the benefits. Quick note: this will also work for Pokemon Go.

5. Get a job in marketing where you can blog about the election in a way that is loosely related to your business.

That last one needs no further explanation.

Anyway, Stay safe out there.

By Christopher Notley-Smith at

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