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Product Development Update November 2016

Product update

This month at the front of the scenes you may not have seen much movement. Behind the scenes though we’ve been busy on performance improvements and stability upgrades. This means that there’s nothing too exciting for end-users, but there’s definitely a few tidbits to take on board.

Location updates:

Some users were experiencing issues with selecting their locations in certain sections of Donesafe after last month’s locations update. Until this is resolved, we have temporarily turned the old location selector (top right) back on until the user issues have been ironed out. For now, you should happily be able to select your location using the top right location selector as before.

Help Centre Updates:


There’s been a substantial update to the help section in Donesafe once again. Now, when you ask a question using the on-site help icon, you’ll be automatically offered relevant help articles for your problem which you can read or watch, right there in the chatbox.

This upgrade comes with an overhaul of how help is presented in Donesafe. The new help section now has been given a face-list and also includes a section on Troubleshooting, Bugs, and Workarounds so that if you run into any odd behavior you’ll be able to find an answer quick-smart.

Don’t worry; live chat is still there, but the help articles being suggested first, hopefully, you can get an answer quicker.


+ Minor Bug Fixes

+ Stability improvements.

+ Performance improvements.

So again, no drastic changes this month, but hopefully we’ll have something for you towards the end of the holiday season.

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