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Go Pink for October

October breast cancer awareness month with Donesafe

October is Australia’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides an opportunity for us to all focus on breast cancer and its impact on those affected by the disease in our community.

Everyone at Donesafe is getting behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month, including the kids at home. They have decorated our Donesafe Lego mini-figures with pink trousers to support the cause. The mini-figures are dotted around our offices and often join us on our ventures to trade shows.  

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. With such high numbers, generating awareness is key. Stats show that only 5-10% of cases are due to high-risk inherited genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2. What many people aren’t aware of is that breast cancer is a largely preventable disease. As a community, we need to talk about serious topics such as breast cancer and ensure everyone has the correct information and knowledge behind prevention.

It’s time to know your body, let’s start checking and chatting!

A great app, Breast Cancer: Beyond The Shock has been designed to educate everyone on how to complete a monthly breast self-examination and when to notify a healthcare professional. The idea seems simple to most but when it comes to examining our bodies, this is either avoided or completed incorrectly. Another idea for an app hit Kickstarter this week in order to complete the development of Know Your Lemons but unfortunately wasn’t able to reach its goal. There are many apps that provide additional answers/support, help you manage medication, guidance, and visuals on when and where to check as well as reminders. As we are big lovers of everything software, here’s how software was used to help speed up the analysis of breast cancer risks. Pretty cool!

Men are not excluded in the diagnosis of breast cancer, as they are still at risk but at a lower rate. Within the office here, the males outnumber the females with a ratio of 13:3. Nevertheless, Go Pink was a very easy decision to get behind after one of our developers, Keith put the idea forward. Today, Tuesday 17th October we are all wearing pink to showcase awareness and to get conversations started in our communal areas around the office.

As health and wellness can only be managed by an individual – the question is how can we change the lifestyle of others? A good work-life balance plays an important role in remaining healthy. Without *flashing yellow neon* signs along with a hectic life, it becomes very easy to neglect our health. The key to prevention is to master a healthy lifestyle with a good balance. This can be done by making a few small changes like eating healthy, reducing alcohol intake, exercising, and completing regular checks.

At Donesafe we practice walking meetings if notepads/laptops aren’t required. Small changes like this, can have a huge impact during the space of a month, year, and so on.

Breast Cancer can be prevented and so can your WHS management risks. At Donesafe you can house all your safety management in one system, allowing more time for prevention and creating a safer workplace for your organization. Let us help you prevent injuries/incidents in the workplace as Donesafe manages all your health and safety needs on one configurable software system.

And as always, keep safe out there.

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