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Workers’ Compensation made easy? (Gasp)

Easy to use workers compensation system

For those of us sitting on the sidelines reading about weird and bizarre requests for workers’ compensation, it can be a good way to pass 5 minutes on your daily commute to and from work.

How about this story as an example: A woman claimed $20,000 in workers’ compensation for a breast reduction, because sitting at a desk gave her back and neck pain. This is probably the same person that wanted to sue McDonald’s for getting overweight.

Fun aside, we have to spare a thought for the person who has to manage workers’ compensation claims. From when the injury occurs, through the insurance claims process, and getting that worker back to work. It is not an easy process!

But it can be, Donesafe allows you to take the system you currently use (if it works, otherwise create a new one) and automate the process. Donesafe’s software offers an end-to-end system that covers all aspects of workplace health and safety management. One of the many topics we are asked about is – Workers’ Compensation. Our system provides a highly configurable, cloud-based solution – the system adapts to your business rules and reporting needs. Take unrivaled control of your OHS Software with powerful Injury, Compensation, and Claims management.

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The Concept

  • Processing payments to injured employees and service providers
  • Full visibility from the dashboard – a complete oversight in the one place
  • Automation of PIAWE calculator
  • Tools to help you manage compensation finances
  • Capture the total cost of claims – including all payments, reserves, and recoveries
  • Real-time claims and reporting
  • Injury data enterprise-wide
  • Flexible workflow, business rules, and security to support business operating model
  • Accessible anywhere from any device
  • Custom alerts to ensure tasks are corrected in a timely manner – supervisors are notified immediately
  • 24-7 support and help desk

All this can be completed in the same place as the rest of your OHS compliance. You can have as much or as little housed in one, single system.

Step by Step

An employee has an injury, the process of lodging a workers’ compensation claim starts. The injured worker/witness/manager can lodge an incident form, the required parties will receive a notification. The appropriate workers’ compensation insurance policy can then be assigned to an employee, here you can see the injury claim through its entire life-cycle. The ability to track workers’ compensation claim expenses against that policy compare against policy limits and self-insured retention amounts can be monitored. Alerts and notifications are given every step of the way to ensure the cycle is completed by all and within the required timeframe.

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Workers’ compensation insurance software requirements can vary from state to state? That’s not a problem, you can add all requirements to the location of an organization/department. If you’re looking for an affordable software solution with highly flexible features then Donesafe can offer you just that. The software can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.

Contractor Management Requirements

Injury incident rates
First report of injury notices
OSHA reporting
A percentage of high-risk industries have higher expectations for managing workers’ compensation systems due to a higher volume or injuries and related workers’ compensation costs.

Let’s look at the stats

The frequency rate of serious claims (per million hours worked 2015-16)

Women – 4.9
Men – 6.2

Median time lost for a serious claim increased by 33% from 4.2 working weeks to 5.6
The median compensation paid for a serious claim increased by 30% from $5,200 to $6,800
Number of serious Australian workers’ compensation claims 2015-16 = 104,770

Causes of serious claims in 2015-16

10% were due to diseases
90% were due to injury and musculoskeletal disorders

It’s no big deal…for us!

It’s never been a more important time to ensure everything is covered when it comes to workers’ compensation, with high-risk jobs and injuries increasing its a vital part of every business. You can’t dodge the bullet here, this is essential.

Do your processes usually require stacks of paperwork or unconnected systems to complete workers’ compensation? Get rid of the paper and automate your workflow. Not only can you become a greener company but your staff will be happier too.

Everything can be managed from any device – Confidential Records, Structured workflows, Insurer Integrated, Injuries, and Claims oversight. It’s simple, paperless, and jargon-free.

PIAWE calculator functionalities? We’ve got that covered too. Integrate your payroll system or manually enter employee payment information for automatic calculations of PIAWE and ongoing financials. Streamline your claims management processes with forms customized to your scheme, automation of PIAWE, and tools to help you manage your compensation finances.

If you’re sold on this, fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

And as always, keep safe out there.

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Statistics are taken from Safe Work Australia – Australian Worker’s Compensation Statistics Report 2015-2016

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