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Comparing Donesafe’s long-term costs to alternative solutions

how safety software can save you money

When it comes to compliance software, I think it is safe to say it is not the top priority in budget allocation across all sized organizations. But just like a CFO needs an accounting software solution to effectively operate organizational finances, safety and compliance professionals also need to leverage software to effectively create and manage safe and fulfilling workplaces.

So when it comes to successfully securing a compliance software solution like Donesafe, there are two (fairly obvious) primary things to navigate:

  1. Firstly, securing executive buy-in
  2. Secondly, securing the required budget

With that in mind, it is typical for safety managers to come across the issue, “Donesafe is the best solution, how do I fit it into my budget?”

How does Donesafe pricing work?

Donesafe pricing is generated off the back of a number of moving parts:
1 – Number of workers in your organization (why do we charge per worker, and not per administrative user?)
2 – Number of apps you include in your Donesafe solutions (What is an app?)
3 – Contract duration

Discounts are applied as you increase the volume of workers, apps, and contract duration.

Comparing Donesafe long-term pricing to competitor solutions

Affordability of end-to-end solutions

Signing off on a matrix of individual (also known as point solutions) software solutions to make up an overall system not only becomes clunky and complicated, it also becomes hugely cost-ineffective. The cost to software vendors to have you as a client is primarily in the hosting of your solution in the cloud and in the upfront time investment implementing and supporting the adoption of the software into an organization. These costs are passed on to the buyer, so if you have 5-10 individual apps making up your overall system, you are essentially buying the same thing 5-10 times.

Donesafe is the only compliance platform that will allow you to create an end-to-end solution on the one platform. As you scale out your solution to 5-10 different apps on the one Donesafe platform, it becomes more and more affordable. Savings from our clients often exceed 50%.

Longevity / future-proofing driven by configurable forms, workflows, and automation

One of the strengths of Donesafe is its ability to be configured. It is common for other software vendors to charge thousands of dollars for a change as simple as making a text field ‘required’ (it must be answered before the user can progress). Typically, it is ignored, and these small amendments eventually snowball over time into a system that simply does not work in the organization. With Donesafe, you can make fast changes on the fly.

Donesafe mitigates this risk due to its simple configurability tools. Users can make fast changes from the admin portal, or engage Donesafe’s BAs to make fast drag and drop configuration changes. Your system is constantly improving and being tweaked as necessary.

Reduced project risk by fit for purpose solutions

The software has reshaped the way safety and compliance can be managed. But the price of that success includes a long series of big, expensive failures. Despite best efforts, IT project failures keep happening. At the core of many failures is the lack of software flexibility to adapt to the unique requirements of the client. Misunderstood ‘flexibility’ (or lack thereof) causes budget increases, time delays, and quite often, project abandonment.

Australia, a small market when compared to the USA and Europe, has an estimated project success rate of around 64 percent and A$5.4 billion was being wasted each year on projects that don’t deliver a benefit or are abandoned.

Donesafe abolishes this issue with its configurable platform approach. Drag and drop configuration tools without the need for writing code is built into the project to ensure success.

Increased ROI through software uptake

Ultimately, the success of a safety and compliance solution will be in its uptake from frontline users. Donesafe is built with the end-user in mind. Donesafe boasts market-leading UI, and have intelligent form and data features to remove all productivity barriers that typically stop workers from interacting with a safety solution. Also, there is the potential to retire multiple systems and bundle them into Donesafe. One platform to learn, one platform to access all data and event recording.

Donesafe clients report a 4x-10x increase in event reporting data once launching the platform.

In turn, your organization will be better placed to avoid costs associated with:
• Reduced insurance premiums.
• Reduce the probability of costly events.
• Avoid the chance of retaining or renewing contracts with customers due to quality issues, performance issues or non-compliance and lapse in certification.

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