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Donesafe Rates The Top Four April Fools’ For 2019


Another year, another April fool’s day, another vast catalog of humourous pranks released by organizations big and small across the globe.  With April Fools’ day 2019 now behind us, we thought we would pick over the remains and see which ones sparked the most interest from the Donesafe office. 

In case you’re a little behind, The 1st of April from morning till 12 midday is a day to believe NOTHING that you see or hear on social media published by organizations because chances are…its a joke, usually ranging from A-Class bad dad jokes and a little dash of silliness.  This year we saw brands get behind some creative and very funny posts. The genius and belly-laugh funny posts consumed the morning. 

So what did the big brands have in store for us in 2019? We certainly had a good laugh here in the Donesafe office. We had a number of our clients and partners jump on the bandwagon. Here are the top 4 favorite ‘pranks’ that we discovered on April 1st, plus Donesafe’s April Fools’ stitch-up;


McDonald’s joined the party with the McPickle burger. The post on social media split audiences in two – personally, I’m all about pickles but they’re not for everyone. 

When McDonald’s Australia posted the McPickle video on Instagram, it reached 70,000+ views, 6000+ likes, and almost 2000 comments. Consider that a successful April Fools’ prank. Pickle lovers all over the world were dribbling over the new addition of two-layered pickle filled buns with cheese and of course, ketchup.

Who loves pickles? Clearly a lot of people.

Comments included –

“I’m gonna order 1000,” one fan commented.

“My dreams came true,” said another very excited pickle fan.

Zoos Victoria

Zoos Victoria launched a social media video on April Fools’ day to prank animal-loving audiences on the first of the month. TimeOut listed Zoos Victoria as a little cringe-worthy but here at Donesafe, we are all about the nerdy vibes. 

“How we brought dinosaurs back”, the chuckle-worthy video shows how scientists have discovered ground-breaking research behind children’s favorite animals, Dinosaurs. The video takes a little turn when dinosaurs enter the building. The roar is simply terrifying.

The video hit 14.5k views with over 325+ engagements. 

Bring back the dinosaurs. 

Google Maps

@GoogleMaps launched a cool throw-back to the 90s nostalgia with an April fools’ day game. 

The app which assists people each and every day, created a version of the popular game, Snake. It was time to turn up the music featuring boy bands, grab your fanny pack, and put on all your slap bracelets. It’s game time! The twist was that you could play the snake game in different locations across the world—including Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo–right from Google Maps.

Fly, drive, walk, cycle, or slither your way from A to B. This was our personal favorite. We all got a little competitive whilst reminiscing the good ol’ days. The excuses came in thick and fast;

“I’m out of touch, it’s been a few years since I’ve played snake,” said one competitive developer.

“No…my keys are to close together” mentioned Marketing guru. He almost hit 100 points.

Google Maps game

High score winner, Chris continued to note his success throughout the day and I’m sure this will only continue. 


Donesafe shared its own April Fools’ prank to customers. As a purely paperless business with safety, quality, and environmental solutions at the forefront of everything we do, we decided to put a spin on how AWESOME paper-based systems really are. Everyone’s had to deal with a paper-based form at some point and they are NOT fun. Firstly, the hunt for a pen can be tricky, you can kiss goodbye to 5 mins, right there. And if you need to print, scan, email, or post, let’s just say it’s a huge inconvenience. 


Donesafe, the leading innovator in health and safety software, today announced its latest breakthrough, ’softwareless workplace safety forms’.

“With this launch, Donesafe has once again taken workplace safety management to a new level. These new paper-based forms are going to be incredible. Where most companies are developing augmented reality technology, we are instead moving to actual reality.” Said Donesafe CEO, Matthew Browne.

Paper, a resource that can be transported anywhere, is light and does not require the internet. “We believe workers will enjoy getting outside and posting their hazard and incident forms. And for the core EHS management team, it will re-ignite that feeling of excitement when the post arrives each day.”

It is a move that is being lauded as a victory for the environment. Software-based safety solutions drain environmentally damaging lithium-ion batteries in smartphones, tablets, and portable computers. With the introduction of Donesafe’s new paper-based solution, trees (a renewable and near limitless resource) will be used instead of batteries.

Contact Donesafe today via return mail and we will send you a free sample on limited edition paper.

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