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Product: Donesafe Automations Will Save You Hours Every Week

Donesafe automations

In the safety world, doing the same tasks over and over can leave you feeling like Bill Murray from Groundhog Day. 

What’s more, spending all those hours on repetitive work leaves you precious little time to focus on the higher-level preventative actions. It sounds like a pretty rough (and completely preventable!) deal if you ask us!

Easy-to-build automations

With Donesafe, you can automate your safety processes using our easy “if this, then that” logic builder. 

Picture this:

  • No more repetitive work
  • No more drowning in paper
  • No more follow-ups with team members by the water cooler

Just Donesafe, doing the legwork for you.

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Sounds dreamy, right? It is, and over 400 of our clients are creating automations for productivity gains in their business right now. In fact, Donesafe runs over 700,000 automations for our clients daily.

Got 30 secs? See how automations work:

Some of our most popular automations:

  • IF an incident occurs with a worker, THEN notify their manager for review
  • IF chemical spill at the New York warehouse, THEN send alert to all workers in New York
  • IF incident causes an injury, THEN notify Return to Work Coordinator
  • IF new contractor added to the system, THEN enroll them in an induction course
  • IF equipment’s license requires renewal, THEN notify Equipment Manager
  • IF permit expires, THEN block contractor from entering the site

With automations, you can fire off notifications, corrective actions, and key events without a manual process insight. Imagine how much time you’d have up your sleeve than to analyze trends, conduct real-time reporting, and improve safety levels across your organization.

We’d love to show you how.

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