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Top 3 topics to cover when returning to work in COVID-19 times

Returning to the workplace in COVID-19 times is no easy task. The operational aspects of reopening, keeping workers safe, and staying compliant each require an extensive amount of planning, oversight and management to get it right.

Which means for leadership and safety teams, there are a lot of moving, complex parts to manage.

And while organizations across every industry face their own unique set of challenges and requirements, there are some common aspects that all companies face returning to work: how to begin the transition, ways to ensure worker safety, how to communicate changes effectively; and how to maintain oversight of it all?

Here we’ll share 3 key considerations in your return to work process, as well as how Donesafe’s suite of Return to Work apps can help your organization manage the transition back to the workplace safely.

1. Managing health & safety

There are a range of health and safety considerations that must be factored into a return to the workplace: 

  • Do you have a risk management process in place for managing COVID-related/new risks?  
  • How will your employees report workplace incidents and hazards? 
  • How will visitors and contractors visiting on-site be screened for COVID safety? 
  • How will you track COVID-19 cases, quarantines, hospitalizations and recoveries? 
  • How will you ensure the workplace is kept sanitized and increased workplace hygiene measures are maintained? 
  • How will you support workers’ mental health and wellbeing on return to the workplace? 

How Donesafe helps:

Donesafe enables you to handle the end-to-end of your health and safety requirements through our suite of Return to Work apps. 

Manage risks: With our Risk Management app, log potential COVID-related risks, generate a risk matrix score based on severity and implement controls to mitigate risks. (E.g. the risk of workers contracting COVID-19 from an infected customer).

Enable workers to report incidents: Empower your workforce to report incidents using a simple smart form in our Incident Management app. Logging an incident takes only 60 seconds for workers, and managers can then be notified to conduct a review and escalate or close out each case. 

Report and manage hazards: Workers can log hazards easily in Donesafe, as well as note any controls put in place to mitigate the hazard. Actions can be assigned directly from the hazard to ensure it is resolved swiftly.

Track and manage COVID-19 cases: Donesafe’s Infectious Disease Management app was created to help organizations manage and track Coronavirus in their workplace. Track active and potential cases and contact tracing between co-workers, along with tracking workers in quarantine, or those who have been hospitalized. 

Workplace sanitation through inspections: Enable workers to conduct regular workplace inspections to ensure sanitation and hygiene is being maintained, and to notify relevant team members where actions need to be taken to resolve issues. 

Promote mental health: Ensure workers are staying mentally healthy during the transition and return to the workplace. Send mental health check ins and enable workers to report any issues or challenges they’re facing to their managers easily. 

2. Leading & communicating change

Effectively communicating change and keeping workers up to date with the COVID situation in your organization is paramount for a safe transition back to the workplace. The following questions must be considered: 

  • How will we notify workers of new risks, hazards and safety concerns? 
  • What types of training will be required to ensure employees are equipped to handle new processes and skills going forward? 
  • How will we ensure visitors and contractors are trained on our new COVID-safe processes before coming on-site? 
  • How will we ensure visitors and contractors are COVID screened when on-site?
  • Do we have access to the right information to make data-driven insights and improvements to our workplace?  

How Donesafe helps:

With Donesafe, you can easily communicate with workers and ensure everyone is up to speed on any COVID-safe training requirements and make data-driven decisions through real-time reporting.

Notify your workforce through safety alerts: To ensure worker safety, safety alerts can be sent to your entire workforce, to specific teams or individuals. Notify workers of any workplace safety or COVID-related issues, and ensure they are always up to date. 

Provide training and upskilling for workers: With Donesafe’s Learner Management System (LMS) app, you can provide additional or new training for workers on COVID safety or changes to workplace processes and procedures. 

Conduct visitor and contractor inductions: Ensure visitors or contractors have completed necessary COVID-safe inductions and training before coming on-site with our Inductions app. 

Ensure visitor and contractor COVID-19 screening: As visitors and contractors arrive on-site, ensure COVID-19 screening through a check-in form to capture any relevant data.

Access real-time data and insights for a safer workplace: With Donesafe, real-time reporting and insights means you’ll always be across COVID safety in the workplace. Configure your one-page dashboard to include all the key reporting you need for complete oversight of your workplace’s safety at a glance. 

3. Operating with new processes & procedures

To be COVID-19 safe, organizations returning to the workplace need to make changes to their policies, procedures and processes and how these are disseminated to workers. The following considerations are key: 

  • What new policies and processes need to be produced to ensure compliance with COVID requirements? 
  • How will this documentation be made accessible to workers? 
  • How will workers be notified of new policies and procedures? 
  • Will you require workers to acknowledge new processes and policies, to ensure compliance? 

How Donesafe helps:

With Donesafe, you can manage all your workplace documentation in the one place. 

Keep new policy, process and procedure documentation accessible: Ensure workers have easy access to workplace policy, process and procedure documentation, by housing them in our Document Management app. 

Notify workers of changes: As policy, process or procedure requirements change with COVID-19 or in returning to the workplace, Donesafe enables you to notify workers of any changes to documentation. 

Enable policy acknowledgement: Ensure compliance by requiring employees to acknowledge workplace policies, procedures or processes, and maintain oversight of acknowledgement through an acknowledgement report. 

At Donesafe, we’re very proud to be able to help companies manage the safe transition back to the workplace. We know it’s been a challenging year for everybody throughout every phase of the pandemic, and are glad to be able to support organizations and workers for a safe transition to this next phase of the “New Normal.” 

To learn more about our Return to Work apps, book in a demo with our team.

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