Product Features and Updates

Checklists Management app

Product: Conduct inspections with ease using our Checklist Management app

Workplace inspections are an integral part of a safe and compliant workplace. Whether your team need to do Start Work Checklists, Fire Safety Checklists, COVID-safe Checklists or more, they need an easy-to-use checklist solution that can be completed on-the-go with ease.  The great news is, Donesafe’s Checklist Management app enables your workers to do just that, and from any device or browser. Forget the old paper-based forms […]

Product: Hazards made easy with our Hazard Management app

Being able to identify and mitigate hazards before they become incidents is instrumental to a workplace that is safe for its employees. Yet many safety teams are still grappling with how to effectively manage hazards beyond using paper-based forms or clunky, multi-point systems. Not only are these types of approaches a huge time drain for safety managers, getting your team to proactively log hazards via complicated forms is a challenge in itself.  […]

Product: Streamline audits end-to-end with our Audit Management app

Safety and compliance auditors – whether they’re internal team members or external providers – need to be able to quickly and easily conduct an audit while on-site. Yet many are still lumped with managing the audit process through paper-based forms or clunky, multi-point systems. This creates an unnecessary layer of paperwork and a loss of […]

Product: Manage incidents with ease using our Incidents app

Reporting incidents in the workplace is a baseline requirement for Safety Managers. And while it’s standard safety practice, it can be a challenge for most safety teams to be able to log incidents quickly and easily. A lot of the time (and you’re not on your own here), an organization’s incident reporting processes are manual and paper based. Not only does this […]

Top 3 topics to cover when returning to work in COVID-19 times

Returning to the workplace in COVID-19 times is no easy task. The operational aspects of reopening, keeping workers safe, and staying compliant each require an extensive amount of planning, oversight and management to get it right. Which means for leadership and safety teams, there are a lot of moving, complex parts to manage. And while […]

Product: Save time, gain insights with real-time safety reporting

As a safety manager, being across your organization’s safety and compliance status is paramount. Not only do you need to be aware of how your workplace is tracking and ways it can improve, but you also need to report on those results to your executive team. If you’re like many (pre-Donesafe!) businesses, you’re likely handling […]

Product: Turn real-time data into powerful insights with visual dashboards

Trying to manage your safety and compliance with paper, spreadsheets or across a range of platforms is no easy feat. Not only are you spending a bunch of time manually compiling records from multiple places and running reports, but you’re missing out on the speed and power of turning real-time data into powerful insights. We […]

Product: Let Workflows Streamline Your Organization’s Safety

There is a silver lining for organizations experiencing workplace changes and disruptions during these current times. It can actually be an ideal time to streamline and make improvements to your workplace’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), particularly if you need to ensure a contactless working environment for your employees. But how do you make sure everyone […]

Donesafe automations

Product: Donesafe Automations Will Save You Hours Every Week

In the safety world, doing the same tasks over and over can leave you feeling like Bill Murray from Groundhog Day.  What’s more, spending all those hours on repetitive work leaves you precious little time to focus on the higher-level preventative actions. It sounds like a pretty rough (and completely preventable!) deal if you ask […]

Donesafe SWMS app

Donesafe adds 30+ response types into Smart Form technology

Forms, forms, forms. All safety, quality and environmental management teams use forms on the daily. They are the front line when it comes to collecting data across all facets of compliance, such as inspections, audits, incidents, hazards, obligations, injuries, claims, etc. So yeah, they are an important part of a management system. No forms, no […]